On the way to Brazil I am still in Germany

So I have decided to stick to writing in English when I use my blog. Most of the people I know, speak and understand English well enough to be able to read it. For my German friends I will keep writing my newsletter, maybe once a month. Here I wish to post more often but rather short stories. They shall describe my current journey of waiting and enjoying.

Currently I am waiting for my last document (my international birth certificate – double authenticated) to arrive so I can hand in my papers to apply for my two year visa to Brazil. These days I am feeling pretty tense because of all the daily work, the addition of getting my visa, writing my staff app, fundraising etc. Also there is some trouble in my family:

1. My family having a hard time seeing me leave again, quitting a well-paid secure and fun job, not saving up much and going into the jungle without much health care.

2. My cousin (35, a fresh dad) is in coma due to a split artery in his brain.

So it is good to read (maybe) a short good-God-story 😉

Last saturday I went into town on my bike to meet some friends. On my way I had a short conversation with God. Most of the time I am praying about the same things all over and over again. But this time I felt to bring God only one request, the one that bothers me the most. I have many good stories with God providing for me but this time, I felt really strongly that this is my biggest concern at the moment (it doesn’t mean I am not concerned about something else, too). I am somewhat overwhelmed with raising funds for me. It is not easy to ask family and friends to join me in this undertaking, but also very humbling. So I prayed to God: “show me today that you will take care of me.” And right after I kept singing this worship song I listened to in the morning. Further on, I arrived at a shop where I usually buy my coffee. I still had a few minutes before I would meet my friends. I thought, I could get something done and remembered that I don’t have any more money in my purse, so I headed to the next bank by foot. I wasn’t used to their system at the cash machine but everything seemed normal and I drew 100 Euros. When I left the bank I quickly glanced at an older couple passing by and quickly had a positive thought about them but forgot it right away…as you do when you don’t know these people. Back in the shop I wanted to pay my coffee and noticed I hadn’t any money in purse…again….ahhh. Where did it go? I remembered that I had no scene in my head where I had actually withdrawn the money out of the slid. I had drawn the bank card but not the money! Weird…quickly I ran to the bank and wanted to be the first at the cash machine to get the money before somebody else might get it. My mind was running, too, I tried to think if I could live without the 100 Euros or if it would really hurt me. Hmmm, before I couldn’t end this thought and wanted to turn around the corner, I saw the couple from before, grinning…the lady holds the money in front of my face so I am able to grab it. I ask in astonishment: Is this my money? She: “Yes, normally the bank would actually close the slid again when the money wasn’t taken.” And yes, I know this procedure but never had to experience it. I just said to them: “So cool, there are honest people in the world.”. They both looked as if this was the most normal thing in the world.

Later on I thought: how did they know where I was going?

Anyways, I figured this was a very clear sign that God is providing for me even if I seem out of focus.

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