Bethlehem for the 2nd?

As of last wednesday I was let down by the news of the Base in Pantanal that they couldn’t supply the necessary document to file for my visa. Originally, they have been praying and were willing to receive me but after their and my research, it was impossible, unfortunately…
Although I prayed right away to God, saying: how can I deal with it, instead of why is this happening to me. But I know my attitude wasn’t in the best spot receive a peace-giving answer. Still, I prayed for a miracle because it was out of my hands. My plans for the day fell flat though. I wanted to call a translator for my German documents certified by the consulate in Munich, then work on my brochure or communicate with my parents who still don’t know about my future plans. In this last case, I really wanted to be considerate, waiting for the right time, because they have been suffering with my brothers who recently was left by his wife and his kids. Very sad story.
Instead, I was feeling numb, sad, discouraged, tired, and worried. All what I could do was asking close friends to help me pray. I texted and I wrote a brief private message on facebook. After waiting on God for some more time, I turned to bed at least twice in the morning, also I was reading „God’s ones will be blessed by giving it to them in their sleep“. Hm? I wasn’t convincd. Still, I had time until the end of the month, to find another base. But why has God led me specifically to this base? When I talked to my flatmate over lunch, I realized that writing to a bigger base in Brazil might be the next and most obvious step. In general, I don’t care to which city I would be going, I just didn’t want to go to São Paulo – too big! But this is where I had a contact to a Korean guy whom I met last year in Salvador. He instantly replied but couldn’t help me either. Since I thought I was on the website for YWAM São Paulo, I sent off a message asking very general how I could participate in YWAM Brazil and which base could do the paperwork for me. Almost instantly, a person from Belém replied. Belém has been going through my mind already before, because once I looked up what it meant.
I suspected it to mean „Bethlehem“ and so it was. I also heard from my friend Andrea in Salvador that they need workers in a very serious work helping child prostitutes.
After some emailing with the contacts in Belém it turned out that they cannot do only the paperwork but the base offers a lot work I have always imagined and desired: they are, in fact, involved in this ministry against child prostitution, doing women’s ministry and community development for the river people. Belém is situated very close to the Amazon basin leading into the Atlantic, is surrounded by tropical rainforest and has many rivers, it is a river landscape. But the local people outside the city are very poor and lack even basic education. So there is a lot of need in education and taking care of the kids. The base offers two schools: a discipleship training school (DTS) and a community development school. Both schools I did in the past and could help out as staff but would go by wherever is a need, of course. It is a cooperative base, meaning they have strong ties to American churches and ministries, are therefore bilingual, and somewhat international. They regularly receive outreach teams mainly from Kona base in Hawaii.
Concluding, YWAM Marine Reach in Belém seems to be a much better fit than Cuiabá. In Cuiabá I would have been the only foreigner, hardly anyone speaks English, and if, it wasn’t very good. Here, the people seem more westernized, organized, and open to receive workers like me. I need some attachment to westerners so I can process better what I will be going through. At the same time, I will still have the chance and need to pick up Portuguese which is my dream since a long time.
Funny is that I hope to be going to Belém, basically Bethlehem for the 2nd time. I lived in the Israeli/Palestinian (=original) before in 2008/9. Love it…

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