Brazil 2014 – The Football World Cup Host

It has been a dream of my mine since I have been to South Africa in 2004: attending a football world cup in a host country. 2006 when it was held in Germany I couldn’t go because I was based in Cairo, Egypt at the time, obeyed to my commitment with my mission organization called YWAM (Youth with a mission). Still, I wouldn’t think about anything else than football during the time of June and July. By the locals I was named “(Michael) Ballack” because it was written on my jersey. I wasn’t a too big of fan of the former captain of the German team but I was proud being German. Since then I said I want to go to host country that is crazy about football, too. South Africa seemed the next option but in 2010 I basically had no money. My memories related to this world cup were still amazing. Still being based in Egypt, I watched a few games with my students (even getting thrown into the pool when Germany made it through the first round). I was hanging out in Jerusalem at my friend’s place where I watched basically every match that was on TV because I had no money to go out. When Switzerland won against Spain I would pull out my Swiss t-shirt and was cheered at and congratulated from the Israelis. I was even praying at the Western wall for Germany (the only football game I ever prayed for!) so they would win the next game against Ghana having lost the game against Serbia before. Oh my, I was seriously desperate! So I put in a piece of paper into the Wailing wall and was in keen anticipation.

Four years have been passed and I was able to save up money to go to Brazil. The only difficulty so far was if I would get off from work. Unfortunately, my province doesn’t adjust to the dates of the most important tournament in the world. Originally, I even wanted to go to Brazil for half a year, connecting a missions trip with learning Portuguese and taking time to consider even moving there for a longer period. But maybe I was scared and I had too many other things on my mind, I was unable to plan and take the risk. Then I finally made up my mind and asked my boss for an unpaid work leave of two weeks adding two weeks of official holidays that are in June anyways. Lucky me or the blessed I am my boss (a football fan himself) gave me permission and here I am dreaming and planning…

Here are my travel plans for the trip:

May 28th: Flight from Frankfurt directly to Rio de Janeiro, staying 3 nights in a hostel at the Copacabana, meeting a friend of friends

June 1st – June 12th: Travelling up North, haven’t really planned it yet, maybe staying with a family in Salvador to improve my  


June 13th: joining the YWAM base in Salvador

June 16th: attending the football match Germany vs.Portugal

June 28th: leaving Brazil from Rio de Janeiro

Anyone wants to join?


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