Having stopped being vegan

Two weeks ago I gave up being vegan. And I don’t regret it a bit. One of the main reasons was that I didn’t feel good at all. I was weak, constantly tired, didn’t enjoy sports, and the most important: I was moody and irritable. I have tried my best and tried new recipes, went shopping on a regular basis so I could eat sufficiently and balanced. Still, I felt hungry most of the time. In an intense job like mine – teaching Junior high and high schoolers of a huge school – I had to eat every break. My metabolism is quick, I think. It put a lot of psychological pressure on me to think through where I shall get my iron, protein, vitamins from. It was difficult and exhausting. It consumed a lot of thinking which I think, food does not deserve. I still don’t regret being vegan for 4,5 weeks because I gained more appetite for salads and less for sweet things. I would call it an achievement. But my veganism increased my iron vitamin B12 deficiency and I am not convinced in subbing those with artificial produced tablets.

Another reason: I discovered a book called “The Maker’s diet” by Jordan S. Rubin which I totally recommend. As a biology immensely interested in nutrition, it explains the advantages and disadvantages of certain diets including veganism, vegetarianism, etc. I will write my own review on this book another time. Read some from amazon:




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