Becoming vegan, part 4

Although I feel beyond tired I am still excited to share my partly-vegan dish I have made yesterday. I have chosen to nourish myself with organic eggs at least. Mainly because I don’t anything about egg substitutes. Where would I get my protein from?

Broccoli-field garlic quiche:

  • ready made dough that can be easily spread in a cake pan
  • broccoli being steamed until it is soft
  • field garlic and oil fried in a pan
  • soy cream, spices (salt, nutmeg, garlic) mixed in with two eggs, cut almonds, soy cheese for melting purposes all in one bowl
  • to prevent the dough from getting soaked with water, spread some bread crumbs over it
  • fill it with broccoli, field garlic and the sauce on top
  • oven for about 30 min with 200°C

Probably the best and most satisfying meal in a long time. I even had a friend over and she found it yummy!

Although I ate mainly vegan these days, I have considered switching to a vegetarian diet. It might have something to do with feeling so tired probably due to my lack of iron. I am taking five pills each day which isn’t a solution in the long run. I feel sorry for badly treated animals and vegetarianism/veganism is kinda my boycott against it but not for sacrifice of my health.


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3 thoughts on “Becoming vegan, part 4

  1. I have many vegan and vegetarian recipes on my blog if you need something to keep you going – they sustain me as a pretty serious runner.

    • Thanks alot! I could use a lot of ideas. Have you gone through a season of total tiredness at the beginning of eating vegan?

      • I would not consider myself vegan (more 90% plant-based), but I have not experienced any tiredness. I run about 40 miles/week and it really is about taking in good nutrients. I don’t eat processed foods and I take a multi-vitamin and B-Complex just to be on the safe side. Have you looked to see if you are vitamin deficient?

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