Becoming vegan, part 3

On weekends I do things differently eating-wise because I want to feel it’s the weekend. Basically, I want to have more time cooking, preparing and eating. One can eat vegan even when eating toast. I bought whole wheat toast from Rewe which is without anything questionable. Toppings can be jams, and vegan spread. Latter one might be a bit boring so I add some peppercress or parsley. I guess any kind of fresh herb would work. In the afternoon I cooked up veggies from my bio box. I get weekly delivery from a local farm who grow their own or obtain it from other organic farms. Today I had potatoes, parsnip, yellow carrots, and fennel – in itself already a party for your taste buds. In a pan heated up onions in oil, added a tomato, garlic, and soy cream and poured it over the veggies, spiced up with nutmeg and salt. The bowl was put in the oven for 20 min so the juice can soak through everything. Additionally, to have something to crack on, you may add some cut almonds on top or add sweet almond sauce for a bit of a sweeter taste. Loved it!


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