Becoming vegan, part 2

Until today I heard of a few who have food intolerances and have started eating vegan. Of course, it has become the fashion recently, but knowing people personally, I find utterly inspiring and motivating.

My diet today consisted of fruit muesli with soy vanilla yoghurt for breakfast which kept me going easily for four hours. I used to suffer from low sugar that made me tremble or even falling over. The combination of sports and good carbs is my cure now.

At lunch I had a bowl of spelt noodles and green pesto. In the afternoon I got back from work I made myself a smoothie of green cucumber, carrots, and beet root, a hot Caro drink, two pieces of bread with veggie spread that you can buy in the supermarket. I also had two cooked eggs. I just ventured out into the vegan world and haven’t found a decent egg substitute yet. Where do I get my protein from if not from soy products? If you could tell me, I am open for it.

In the evening I will eat a second portion of my spelt noodles.

Why am I posting about this? I want to prove that vegan food preparation doesn’t need much more time than other “normally”, it requires more thinking maybe, an openness to do things differenly, try new recipes, and shop wisely. I also want to prove that one can become healthier fitter without spending much more money. So my recipes are simple.

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2 thoughts on “Becoming vegan, part 2

  1. lois

    sounds yummy!

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