Becoming vegan

Oh my, you might think, another person that follows a trend. Yes, why not? I don’t want to just talk about it I want to experience it independently of what the food and the vegan diets book advisors might say. One can only have an opinion when doing it. And another reason might be that I just had one of the most delicious and satisfying salads: field salad, avocado, and a cooked egg, simple dressing: peanut oil and pomegranate vinegar, I am sure any kind of dressing would work, too.

My original and true reason in turning vegan was that I wanted to do something challenging for lent (40 days before Easter). Everyone stays  abstinent from alcohol, sweets, TV, coffee, etc. I wanted to do something that would change my lifestyle and that would bring greater health. I have been suffering of various digestion problems, feeling weak, extremely tired at times, unmotivated. Maybe I am suffering some nutrition intolerances which still need to be checked out. Also, one of my favourite actors (Jared Leto) is vegan since many years and blames his young look onto his diet. Of course, everyone wants to look young but I can’t compare myself to a Hollywood star who probably has abn employed a vegan cook he is taking on a tour with his band 30 seconds to Mars. But mainly I want to become fitter and find a relief of my health issues. So it’s a mix of motivations.

Now being into it for 2.5 weeks the biggest change I have experienced was thinking of what to shop for without having to go all too often. The first few days I have been hungry all the time because I simply wouldn’t eat enough. Now I have bought a stock of basics of lentils, beans, potatoes, rice, spreads, gravy ingredients, soy products, etc. and I tried a few new recipes which I may post here if I find them delicious. Another side is that I hardly crave sweets, I crave healthy stuff. One more bonus is that I get delivered a veggie box by a local farm. I highly recommend it when you don’t have a car and can’t carry much home from the supermarket or the local open space market. I am still not convinced to continue though, although I am starting to read more and more about the benefits. Healthwise, I don’t feel much of a difference yet…but I am hopeful.

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