Daily Prompt – The best day ever

Of course, I will sleep in at least until 9 am. It should be a Saturday because Saturdays my favourite radio station brings the most interesting broadcast: reporting about science which I will listen to for about an hour while laying in bed. Two or three friends come over for breakfast, bringing bread rolls and fresh juice. I will contribute a nicely decorated table with jam, cheese, sliced meat, and other goodies. We will have a long talk while eating bits and pieces here and there. It’s beautiful weather outside so we decide to take a stroll through the beautiful landscape, maybe up a hill and see the view, taking pictures. Later afternoon my favourite soccer team wins a game and I watch the summary on TV or listen to the radio live broadcast while working in the garden. At night, I would prefer going out with my man or a few friends, having dinner, do a barbeque, or have a spontaneous dance party. All in all, I like having good conversations that inspire a change of lifestyle serving others, hearing from God. He is the reason to get up in the morning. He makes me lay down in green pastures and enjoy life. It is easier with people, developing a community that is outward focused. I don’t need much action but would always be up for spontaneous, surprising ideas that enrich life, challenge me, and get me forward. Together is better than alone! đŸ˜‰

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