November Blues or recalling and emphasizing precious moments

The November in Germany so far has been very ordinary so far. I am always fearing this particular month, It mainly has to do with the extreme weather change from colourful to dreadful longer nights, cloudy days and often wet cold precipitation. One should abolish temperatures between 0 and 10 degrees Celsius, I think! I also work a lot and there is basically no highlights except a few birthdays and the usual ups and downs. Yes, I could go for hours and complain a lot now but what is the point.

When I was swimming in a public pool today I had a very clear moment of happiness that I thought I could hold on to forever – gliding through the blue water, wearing my goggles, “hearing” the quietness of the underwater, having hardly any people around me, feeling my muscles, the slightly warm water, seeing blue and the floor 2m beneath me, being grateful of having the ability to swim,…

Since several weeks I am attending a lifeguard training once a week, something I have rather discovered by chance. I have always liked to swim and being near the sea. But I never liked the changing of clothes and washing myself off – part. I am lazy in that way. That’s why I haven’t been swimming for years, seriously! I disguised getting changed. But since I am a very open person trying new things constantly, I thought I give it a try of swimming again. But everything I want to do needs to have a purpose so doing a life guarding course sounded perfect indeed. And there is a another thing I really enjoy: learning new and helpful things. As a teacher it is very refreshing to learn something new and especially something out of my field of expertise.

After a very normal (depressing autumn day like today it is good to write things down and share it, too. I intend to make this post as an encouragement so people can share their precious moments. I am convinced that a few happy moments throughout the day can really make a difference to come through a grey phase and actually make it a content phase. I do not always long for happiness. I prefer deep contentment and lasting joy that can only come from the Lord. He sends those happy moments so we get reminded to be a blessing for others so they can have a happy moment. Rarity over excitement. Stability over constant ups and downs. It’s all a gift from God.

Other moments where I experience those rare but precious moments of happiness that lead to lasting joy:

– eating my favourite meal (going out for food) or buying myself a treat

– a friend visits me spontaneously

– when I take a good picture that I don’t even need to edit

– when having an idea to do something good to a friend

– times in the stadium when being together is all what counts

– sharing a meal with others

– discovering or getting to know a new person

– when students want to hang out with me

– when I read something in the Bible that challenges me

– when I get a compliment for my work, outfit, looks, etc.

– being quiet together with someone and it’s not awkward

– learning interesting things, especially applying new words in a different language

– having time for a new book (swallowing it up!)

– …

Sure there is more…would you like to share yours?

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