My bucket list

1. Traveling to more places than I have already. Desired destinations are: Fiji, New Zealand, Japan, Alaska, Brazil, Peru, Zambia, Cameroon, Morocco, Bulgaria, Transsib to China, Iran, …

2. Taking another language course in either Hebrew or Arabic until I become fluent

3. Get married

4. Try different foods I haven’t tried before and that are not common in Europe

5. Work part-time so I have time for missions

6. Climb Mt. Etna and a few other mountains (topping my so-far record of 4300m)

7. Do another half-marathon race or/and a triathalon

8. Attend a world cup in football (even if it’s just on the streets with the locals)

9. Observe a live birth or/and an open belly surgery (an anatomy class might do it as well)

10. Get further education in politics, history, culture, …

11. Sing a solo in front of a few people or do a stand-up comedy show (which I have written myself and hopefully got inspired by others)

12. Write a book

13. Take a dance class with my darling

14. Travel a long time with one friend only, sleep in tents, on the beach, etc…doing random acts of kindness

15. Do a capoeira course on a beach in Brazil

16. Become a lifeguard

17. Learn another instrument (trombone is ok but I am not good at it)

18. Become a specialist in one thing at least, hopefully on loving people well

19. …

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