Ten Reasons why it is OK to be German, or Germany: more than beer, sausages, and football

  1. We like to work not necessarily for the sake of work but because of efficiency. Work is very much part of our lives and valued in great ways, if we like it or not but most of us would define / take pride themselves over what they do professionally. Having no work is almost as bad as experiencing the end of the world.

  2. Germans are accurate and perfectionistic. We like order and quality.

  3. This relates to relationships as well. Once you have a German friend you have him/her for life. Having quality conversations is often the only way to get there. Germans simply can be entertained by talking for hours.

  4. Germans have made advances in the area of science, technology, politics, etc.. Examples: Mercedes, Siemens, AEG, Krupp, inventions of tram, ferris wheel, aspirin, coffee filter, Protestantism.

  5. Germans are pretty good in almost every sport, especially in table tennis, handball, winter sports, and of course, football. The women have become world champions twice in a row and won the Eurocup several times. The men might become world champions for the fourth time…never any other team has won the European championships so many times like Germany did. There is no other country that has so many football clubs.

  6. Germans have a very special kind of humour sometimes and sayings that are intelligent or simply plays with words. It might come from our deep historical roots in poetry.

  7. German food is one of kind, especially since I don’t get bored of it. We have a huge variety of sliced meats, cheeses, cakes, sausages, dishes with potatoes and salads, etc.. Black bread in its many tasty versions you hardly find anywhere else in the world. It might not be the healthiest cuisine in the world but surely one of the most diversified.

  8. Germans are world champions in traveling. Wherever you go you find Germans, usually not in big groups, doing adventurous or educational trips where English is surely needed and practiced extensively. In my generation you can be sure that almost everyone is able of speaking at least one foreign language and very often an additional European on top of it.

  9. I guess German history is one of the most interesting and longest as well as humbling parts of our cultural heritage and we love talking about it…as long as it is not dumpy or limited to a certain immigrant who took on German citizenship.

  10. This one is dedicated to whatever you have to add…I am sure it doesn’t stop here! Even if you find many more points, I don’t think too many of us would become truly patriotic. It’s simply not our nature!

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2 thoughts on “Ten Reasons why it is OK to be German, or Germany: more than beer, sausages, and football

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