Time…a reflection in the light of the Bible

Time is something men created but not God. And is like men…limited. But it must be important if it is mentioned 889 times in the Bible so let’s try to look what God might wanna say to us…

As co-creators with God we created holidays, year, days, named the seasons of the year, we even have different greetings for different times of the day…like “Good morning” and “Good afternoon”. We can pinpoint the exact time to a second even millisecond if it is necessary in sports competitions in order to appoint the winner in a fair way. Why it is like that? Creating and naming time and their increase in their specification and accuracy over the last centuries must have some sort of advantage…but maybe in the first place it makes us realize that time is running out or that we want to buy time, we always want more of it as we are afraid to lose or waste it. The more we think about time the more frustrating it gets. Some examples might display it: I often get annoyed at myself when I forget my knitting stuff that I could have easily continued when I was driving to work or I get stuck into traffic and miss another appointment. Reflecting on the last year, I realize very often that I was not able to accomplish all sorts of things and thought maybe that I have wasted my time and have even more to do the coming year. It could really stress me out if I would think like that but I don’t….anymore!

Why should I follow what men have created if I know that God has placed eternity into our hearts, we are not damned to live in these time limits forever.

If men is into time and God is into eternity then Jesus is hanging on the cross right now in this moment and but He is also risen at the same time. And because God planned Jesus right from the beginning of our created time, He was available at all times. This would be the only explanation why people in the Old Testament that pursued God were saved as well although they haven’t known Him yet as a person or the plan of salvation (gospel), but they knew in their hearts what was right and wrong. Till today this sense of righteousness has never changed because God never changes. We can even live in that assurance that our future sins are forgiven, it doesn’t mean that we don’t have to confess our sins anymore because this would stop or hinder our relationship to Him, in our limited time.

When we think about history we have created time lines to help us orientate in our world as well, there is BC before Christ and AD Anno Domini (lat. Year of the Lord) which goes along with Old or New Testament times. This is at least the definition for us from a Christian background since we should be centered around Christ. History is a social science to describe events in the past in order to explain them in the present to help us for future decisions leading us into a different understanding when we think of why is history called HIStory? Because it is all about Him whatever we do and whoever we are or will be. He created a whole story where we are part of to get to know Him better. We might think in the past He was less revealed to mankind since they have not had the Bible or a greater understanding of salvation or interpretation of the law like we have today. Today we have all sorts of different sciences: theology, archeology, linguistics to explain the Bible but these have assured in our growth in a relationship with God necessarily.

On the other hand we have this limited time on earth to make the best out of an average of 70 through 80 years life expectancy.

Coming back to imagining Jesus on the cross right at that moment, carrying all our sins for all mankind, how does it make you feel in reference to this?

  • Identifying with what He has done on the cross, suffering for us. It is the hardest of all sufferings: to die innocently.
  • He has not only done it for us, He has done it for everyone that’s why we need to be forgiving for others and forebear them.
  • Since He is also risen at the same time we are assured of our salvation although it requires that decision to believe and follow Him. While His commitment lasts for a life time since He is unchanging and does not require a new decision from Him all the time.
  • Since He is eternity and unlimited in His thinking, ability to love, create etc., and since we should become like Him we should also think like Him.

So enjoy the moment since in our limited understanding it will never come back but for God it is always there and is part of eternity. Possible time-related issues become less relevant although we might suffer greatly but in Gods understanding it is just a moment. That’s why we can often laugh at problems we have overcome in the past since these past obstacles seem to reflect a piece of eternity. A desire for materialistic things can turn into a worry to lose them. In light of eternity it even sounds a bit ridiculous since we can’t take them into our grave or into heaven. And God intended that, apparently we don’t need that. Wouldn’t it sound weird when we would read a Bible that covers our times today…yes, and each night they played x-box or watched movies on TV. Movies and games don’t last into eternity.

In light of God’s infinity problems might even appear smaller or less annoying. God has already solved the problem when you have pursued Him in a relationship and obeyed His commandments. Ecclesiastes 12:13 “Fear God and keep His commandments”are the only things that matter to Him and are the best advice to keep into relationship with Him since He values this one the most.

So is time and creating specifics of it a bad thing? No, there is some advantages to it. For instance, man seem to need events that function as reminder…celebrating birthdays remind us of the good things in another person and we are happy that we know each other and become thankful. New Year’s can create a new beginning of resolutions although we could make those decisions everyday anyways but there might be even a greater impact with the year begins with lower numbers. Christmas is another excellent example of celebrating Jesus’ birthday. Christmas plays and carols often reflect that Jesus seem to be born right in that very moment. We hardly ever use the past tense in those songs, e.g. “that Jesus Christ IS born”. It is a closed action that has happened in the past, yes, but has a more immediate meaning for us when He is born right at the very moment where we get the feeling we have even been present in order to believe it more.

And last but not least, the whole age concern and our worries about getting older. In Psalm 39:5 it talks about it “Indeed, You have made my days as handbreadths, and my age is as nothing before You; Certainly every man at his best state is but vapor. Selah. As far as I understand it: what age we have is not important. There is advantages in all ages (older are wiser, younger have more energy). In light of eternity we are nothing more than handbreaths. In light of eternity I am a baby, a teen, an adult, and an old person at the same time but it is hard to grasp for me, that’s why I am making the best out of this time that God has given me now…selah!

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