What we shouldn’t learn from Americans

Of course, there is always so much to criticize, and us Germans we are so good at it, maybe even world champions. That’s not a good thing! At the same time we love questioning, discussing, and forming our opinion by having long, deep conversations. So, I do think, I can say something without harming anyone, hopefully. Please, dear Americans, don’t take it personally. I don’t always like being German πŸ˜‰

I do think though, that every culture has a redeeming factor and a factor that is cursed, so finding the good balance is one of my goals in life!

1. Many Americans think America is the best country in the world, has the best inventions, is the most popular, richest culture, greatest freedom, best rights to interfere in other peoples’ business. You can tell already by the using the word “America” instead the proper word “US(A)”. There are other American countries in North America. But you know why they don’t want to be called “Americans” πŸ˜‰

2. For me such thinking is purely nationalistic, patriotic that it almost reminds me of the fascist era in Germany. Of course, it is not so well organized because “freedom” is such a well praised standard. People who don’t question their government, lifestyle, etc. simply scare me! Superior thinking is always scary.

3. Apple

4. Fast Food Culture. I like the idea of going out for food as a family or with friends on a very regular basis. Food connects people. It is well practiced because it often cheaper than cooking at home. On the other hand it takes up gas for driving to restaurants that are often outside the city, is not healthy when it is fast food, and makes people go big. Going out for food at least 3-4 times a week and not being able to wait for food makes people not really appreciative of it and doesn’t provide time to actually talk with other over a meal.

5. I find it more obvious that poor people are excluded in certain areas of town, so-called ghettos. No wonder the crime rate is high.

6. It increases the fear of foreigners. There is not much exposure between people from poor and rich areas.

7. ACs everywhere

8. General convenience of almost anything makes people go lazy and ignorant.

9. City Planning: Downtown is not a place to go to shopping, spending time in a variety of restaurants or cafès or simply to hang out and enjoy architecture, for instance. Most of the cities have shopping areas outside of town where you almost always need a car to get there. And they all look the same. Very confusing!

10. Measuring units: who needs gallons, miles, and yards when there is more logic in the metric system. But I can live with that, it makes you special!

11. Expressions that are overly enthusiastic: It’s so amazing! Awesome! Good job! Wow, this is fantastic! Awesome! Yeah, awesome!

12. Americans easily get offended when they get criticized. They don’t show it which makes it complicated. Us Germans can be very direct and it’s mainly to express what we need, want or disagree with. we like to discuss and question things. Instead of taking up the challenge, they easily become emotional and withdraw slowly from the friendship. Doesn’t matter, there is always more Americans who want to do small talk πŸ˜‰

13. It’s common to get interrupted when somebody talks. They simply talk louder then.

14. There is a naked scanner at the airport.

15. “Did you find everything OK today?” When you go shopping you hear that same sentence wherever you go. We like variety in speech.

16. Although I had a real cool experience in shooting with guns in the countryside, we think it’s crazy how crazy they are about guns.

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2 thoughts on “What we shouldn’t learn from Americans

  1. lois


    • you know pc’s and stuff πŸ˜‰ we are not fond of it here…cos one needs so many additional things once you bought a laptop, and currently my itunes is messing with me :/

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