Introduction and Purpose of this Blog

My name is Nicole and I am from Germany. Currently, I work as a teacher for geography, biology, and politics ages 10 thru 17 which is a very exciting and challenging job. In my free time I have always enjoyed writing a journal since the age of 13. Also I enjoy writing poems and telling stories. Especially, for the last two options I have never find an outlet or saw a reason the world. I won’t tell you my most private thoughts but have a strong desire to inspire other people to express themselves. I like to hear out people what they really think about certain topics. Personally, I find it easier sometimes to read and write and form an opinion afterwards instead of in an oral conversation. Depending on whom I am talking to, often I am the listener and learner which is good. But in processing and acting on what I hear I need a platform and an outlet.

As a confessing Christian in an public environment I like to be accountable and challenged on a constant basis. I want to grow as my foremost goal. And I want to take you on a journey, hear your thoughts, correction, encouragement, and comments without hassle or persuasion.

Topics can vary: about travel and cultures, politics, psychology and spiritual input in form of devotions, photographs, short stories, poems and posting interesting links.

It won’t be a journal, that’s for sure!

Forgive my imperfect English but hopefully, I will be improving as I am writing more 😉




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